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Elevator Technology from Korea

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HYUNDAI Elevaror is a one hundred brand originated from KOREA, which is the most advanced industrial nation ASIA and gave birth to many famous elevators & escalators brands.


Facing the the Chinese market in 21st century HYUNDAI Elevator comes to China with the pride of civilization and glory of modern science and technology.


The company has fully introduced the world’s leading production equipment & technical team inherited the product quality and cultural connotation of HYUNDAI Elevator

We study our customers and consider the authenticity of our services, which is our mission

HYUNDAI Products and services

We work in partnership with all the major Hyundai Elevator solutions

Over the years, the unparalleled product design and quality of HYUNDAI elevator have been well known all over the world. Our elevator can help you have a safe and comfortable elevating life. HYUNDAI a complete elevator solution with top quality, welcomes you to join Hyundai.